Okinawa truly has so many amazing photo spots, doesn’t it?
This time, We ‘ll introduce six popular spots from Okibabe’s Instagram.
Be sure to check them out and capture some lovely memories of Okinawa!


    This cute strawberry can be found at the AJ Resort Hotel Ikei Island.

    Ikei Island is a small accessible island floating off the northeastern coast of central Okinawa. It’s just a quick 90-minute drive from Naha Airport, and with your own wheels, you can navigate from one end of the island to the other in about 10 minutes.

    Photo credit : @anewmac

    Kousai Temple (共済寺)

    Located in Yonabaru Town, this Rinzai Zen temple sits atop a hill, offering a panoramic view of Nakagusuku Bay. The bamboo grove captured in the photo is situated in the inner courtyard behind the main hall. Surrounded by a tranquil ambiance with no eateries nearby, it provides a serene and solemn atmosphere – perfect for especially when you wish to step away from the noise and have some quiet time alone.

    Photo credit : heather_renee07

    Jade vine in Okinawa

    From the end of January to the beginning of the rainy season, you can often spot the charming Jade Vine (Hisuikazura) blooming beautifully in residential gardens. It’s recommended to search for ‘ヒスイカズラ in 沖縄’ in Japanese, or check the local newspaper for occasional location updates! If you’re eager to see it for sure, make sure to keep an eye on the blooming status at the Southeast Botanical Gardens or Okinawa World

    Photo credit : @fara_dominguez

    Shuri Castle

    Shuri Castle, located in Naha, was a historic Ryukyuan castle. It served as the palace of the Ryukyu Kingdm, which existed from the early 15th century until the late 19th century. Wearing the traditional Okinawan outfit, ‘Ryusou,’ and taking a picture in front of the gate is absolutely adorable! You can rent it near the entrance!

    Photo credit : @fara_dominguez

    Koza Central Park Avenue

    The hidden backstreet of Central Park Avenue in Okinawa City, Koza, is a charming spot where you can feel the arrival of spring through an abundance of blooming flowers. The planted Ipe(イッペー)trees with their yellow blossoms and the beautiful bougainvillea create a picturesque scene. The best time to see is usually around March to April when the blooms are at their peak each year.”

    Photo credit : @tasha_schulze

    Nakijin Castle

    Newcomers to Okinawa might not know that the cherry blossoms here bloom a bit earlier!

    In 2024, they started blooming from January 7th, earlier than usual! The beautiful spot in the photo is the enchanting Nakijin Castle ruins. Don’t miss out on other charming places like Yaedake(八重岳), Nago(名護) Cherry Blossom Festival, and Yaese(八重瀬) Cherry Blossom Festival!

    Photo credit : @fara_dominguez